Saturday, August 29, 2009

Painting sure works up an appetite.

Went out last night so I only started painting my room after brunch. My son had a party last night and thought it would be nice to have a few of his buddies sleep over...Do you even know how much 16 year olds eat for breakfast? I was up first and starting by making banana chocolate chip waffles. Yummy! Then, I cut up some freesh strawberries with english cream. Yummy. Then last but not least I made bacon but it was chicken bacon witch is my tip of the day.

Chicken bacon is delicious and in miy opinion alot better tasting than regular bacon. It has half the calories and half the fat of bacon. It is even better than turkey bacon! It holds it shape better so it is easier to work with for sandwiches...

Which is what we are having for supper tonight. I am currently boiling some chicken breasts, thought I would make a broth at the same time, and I will grill some vergetables, spread some goat cheese on a chibatta roll and assemble. Along with a ceasar salad I think we have the perfect meal.

Tomorrow I will make vegetable chicken noodle soup. The weatherman says it will be raining all day so it will warm us up a little.

Gotta go...gotta finish my painting. I need a place to sleep tonight.

Thanks for reading.

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