Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Wednesday and my favorite part about the day is that I can start planning my weekend! Well, this weekend I am having a Chilean feast! September 18th is the Independence day for Chile and I am having an authentic supper.

We will start off with Pebre, which is Chile's version of their salsa. It is made lots and lots of cilantro, diced up tomatoes & minced green onions. I will be serving Pebre with sopapillias, which is a fried pumpkin bread and believe me it is the most delicious thing you could ever have....sorry but not low fat. :-( For the main course I am making Pastel de Choclo. This is Chile's version of our famous Shepard's Pie except no potato and they add chicken, slice hard boiled egg, raisins and black olives...why I can't wait. The key to this dish is presentation. Thus, I serve it on clay dishes that are actually from Chile. No Chilean feast would be complete without their famous mote con huesillo, which translated means dried peaches and barley served with a peach syrup. Yummy!

I will try and post some pictures after the weekend so you guys can get a peek at how good it all looks.

You want a good tip on how to cook to loose weight...dress up your table. That's right I feel when I take the time to set the table properly with nice plates, table cloth, elegant centerpiece get the picture. Anyway, this helps me to sit down and enjoy my meal. I tend to eat slower, kinda like going to a restaurant. This way I get filled up faster without the unnecessary calories.

Hope this helps...Thanks for reading!


  1. Yum, those dishes sound so good! I love the idea of a themed dinner. It makes the whole meal that much more fun.

  2. Your Chilean dinner sounds delish! I can't wait to see the pictures.